Counselling Bio

Most of us, if not all, experience personal difficulties at some stage in our lives. It is quite normal to struggle with such issues, and to need some help with these.

I am an experienced counsellor in the following areas: People pleasing, grief & loss, bereavement, relationship breakdowns, conflict, family systems, betrayal, anxiety, depression, anger, boundaries, alcohol, drug and gambling addictions. Sex and porn compulsion. Fear of rejection, fear of abandonment and codependency and domestic abuse.

My practice is based in Runcorn, Cheshire at the Heath Business Park, and I also see clients from home online. I work with various client problems, preferring not to specialise in any particular issue, and maintain regular clinical supervision to ensure I continue to work effectively, ethically and safely.

I am trained as an Integrative Counsellor, Sex Addiction Therapist and Meditation Teacher. Some of the modalities I draw upon are Person Centred Theory, Psychodynamics, REBT, CBT, Acceptance Commitment Therapy and Attachment theory. I can use vagus nerve exercises, breathwork techniques, inner child work, emotional freedom tapping (EFT), meditation and mindfulness techniques if and when required.

I work with clients presenting sex and porn compulsion, betrayal, relationship issues, lack of trust, people pleasing, anger/rage. I work with men from all age groups and cultures who are struggling to quit the negative effects of porn use. I also work with women sex workers, swingers, and victims of sexual assault.

Offering short term therapy or long-term therapy. Currently working with addiction, anxiety, depression, borderline personality disorder, alcohol, gambling, cocaine, sex compulsion, porn compulsion, infidelity, anger/rage, people pleasing, depression, anxiety, abuse, neglect, and traumatic memories.

I’ve a wide range of experience working with the above using different modalities in a pluralistic way. One size doesn’t fit all in my view, depending on your issue or issues I draw upon these to work with what’s best to suit your needs. Having worked successfully with alcohol, drugs & gambling addictions, porn and sex compulsion, grief, anger, relationship breakdowns and conflict, boundaries, anxiety, depression, guilt, and shame.

I have worked with couples who present sexual and intimacy problems, infidelity, trust issues. Difficulty communicating and conflict. Poor boundaries, family drama’s. Unable to express or be heard in a relationship, codependency, open relationships.

What can you expect from me?

Professionalism, compassionate understanding. A non-judgemental approach. You will be fully heard, I work dynamically and effectively drawing on different modalities and my experience working with clients from all age groups and ethnicity. With over 600 hrs of client experience over the last 4 years.

I work ethically and safely to maintain safety, boundaries, and confidentiality always. Am flexible with working hour appointments, fortnightly or drop-in sessions are available on certain days.
Am fully committed to provide a safe space for you to share, open, feel heard and be understood.

Disabled access is available to the therapy room for counselling 1-2-1 in person. Based on the ground floor with wide access doors and wide corridors for wheelchairs.

My hobbies include travelling, photography, reading, music, watching mixed martial arts and hiking. I love travelling to new places, taking pictures of beautiful scenery and watching UFC events. I’ve been following mixed martial arts for 30 years and have been lucky to attend 5 UFC events, even sitting ringside on one event.

Hiking is a passion where I travel to the Lake district, Peak district, Wales, and Yorkshire mostly with a hiking group. I love being in nature, enjoying the peace and tranquillity it offers.

I read mostly eastern philosophy, psychology, spirituality, and yoga/meditation books, podcasts and youtube. I also enjoy a good movie at the cinema and love eating Italian or Greek food.

Training, qualifications & experience

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Reflective Practice Bio

I work within the homeless sector mostly in London facilitating online group Reflective Practices sessions for staff members. Up to 8 people in a group, we practise breathing exercises, psychoeducation around mental health and wellbeing. Group exercises like gratitude practices and reflective questions, sharing any concerns or difficulties staff may be having.
Reflective practice sessions can be done in person or online via zoom, teams or google meet. I’ve found working with groups highly beneficial for team building and staff rapport.

Each session will last 90 minutes and helps contribute to staff wellbeing and mental health. It improves sickness rates, staff productivity and communication with management within the workplace. It’s also a safe confidential space for staff to open up and be heard, discussing any concerns or difficulties they may be having at work.

It allows staff to recognize their own strengths and weaknesses, and use this to guide on-going learning. By reflection staff will develop their skills in self-directed learning, improve motivation, and improve the quality of care they are able to provide which is paramount in helping professions to prevent burn burn out.

I use my counselling, group skills to facilitate these practices making it a comfortable safe space for staff to feel at ease, be heard and share any concerns they may be having with the workplace.

I offer a free consultation via zoom to discuss the way I work and any concerns you may have with staff or managers.

“We do not learn from experience . .. we learn from reflecting on experience.” John Dewey

Meditation Bio

I’ve been practising meditation and breathing exercises for 7 years after battling with depression, anxiety and addiction. Meditation literally saved my life, I was able to overcome addictions, depression, anxiety and pursue a dream of becoming a therapist.

My journey started back in 2016 after I visited a Buddhist Centre near where I live to learn how to meditate. At first it was difficult to remain still, my mind was jumping all over the place, after practising for a while my thoughts became less busy, I even started to feel less angry and frustrated with life, waves of peace arising. It was fabulous, the mental and physical health benefits are astounding, to name a few – stress reduction, better focus, stronger immunity, less negative thoughts, being with difficult emotions, compassion, generosity and kindness.

Since I have trained then qualified as a Counsellor, Addiction Therapist and Davidji Meditation Teacher. I’ve quit my job of 29 years to work for myself, I have moved house to a dream location and entered a new relationship with a new partner. I honestly don’t think that all would have been possible if it wasn’t for meditation as it helped me shrink the fear response in my brain helping me reach my dreams. I am truly grateful for meditation and breathwork and it’s something which can be done for free each day!

Am passionate about sharing these techniques and will be running
weekly breathwork and meditation classes via zoom where I will be talking about the fantastic benefits of meditation. As a group we meditate together, try different breathwork exercises to help with stress, anxiety and depression. Solfeggio Sound healing music to finish, with a feedback session at the end for people to share their experience with others in the group.

Drawing on my experience working with online meditation and in person groups I’ve found it beneficial to meditate in groups. It gives us a sense of connection with like minded people and increases the experience.

Sessions Fees

Online counselling £40 (55min session)

In person 1-2-1 counselling £45 (55min session)

Sex compulsion online therapy £50 (55min session)

Sex compulsion in person 1-2-1 therapy £60 (55min session)

Couples counselling £70 in person (55min session)

Reflective practice sessions £100 per 90 min session with up to 8 people in a group.

Meditation online classes: Donation what you can afford via paypal.